The act of masturbating as a form of procrastination.
I had a bunch of science homework but before I knew it I had a massive boner and then before I knew it I was procrasturbating.
by illusion of the pants April 18, 2010
The act of procrastinating/avoiding work by masturbating.
Erin: Where's mike?
Slizz:Oh ya know..
Phinney: He told me he was doing math homework, but hes probably still procrasturbating.
by double aaa April 04, 2011
masturbating purely to waste time or avoid doing any work
man 1: have you done any revision for your exam?
man 2: nah i've been procrasturbating all day
by VonClegg August 23, 2010
The act of masturbating instead of finishing something important.
I tried to finish my paper, but i ended up procrasturbating all night.
by pete galanis May 14, 2010
Masturbating in the attempt to stave off any thought of working productively.
So I had 3 essays due yesterday but instead of working on them, I just spend the entire night procrasturbating.
by ProcrasturbationNation August 08, 2016
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