1) The act of masturbating while putting off or delaying action on more productive tasks.

2) Jerkin off when you have shit to do.
Kyle: "Did you finish your part of the assignment? The due date is comin' up fast."

Stan: "I've been meaning to get to that. I've just been procrasturbating on that I guess.
by Woody-89 July 17, 2011
procrastinating because of masturbating
I should have been writing my literature essay, but I was procrasturbating.
by blackbluerose November 19, 2010
To kill time by masturbating.
Guy 1: So insteed of studying for my exam on Saturday, I'm watching porn...

Guy 2: Wow, you must really be Procrasturbating.

masturbate procrastinate fap jerk off skeet
by DbZ_smash May 07, 2010
To procrastinate in an extremely intense form. Put off all work for the month,can be used as an exaggeration or actually truthfully.
Jimmy, quit procrasturbating and finish your essay.
by Mr. Procrastination February 04, 2011
Wanting to jerk off/masturbate, but continuously putting it off
"Oh man my dick really hurts"

"Why don't you just jerk off? That always makes my dick stop hurting."

"Yea I've meant to but I've really been procrasturbating lately
by Scrub Nation February 02, 2011
1) A period of time spent between two people who are going to have sex, before they actually do it.

In a sense, mentally stimulating each other with what is about to happen.
"Katie and I spent about half an hour procrasturbating before we finally hopped into bed, but DAMN was it good."

"Could the two of you stop procrasturbating and just go and have sex?"
by Reenix March 24, 2010
The act of procrastination taken to the next level.
Man, I've got that English paper to write tonight but I'm procrasturbating instead.
by TheWildChev November 19, 2009

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