The ugliest piece of shit ever invented... the freaking japs are just angry that all their cars look like shit so they have to bring the ugliness to america. the prius is mostly driven by middle aged people going through a midlife crisis.. well heres an idea and shove your prius up your goddamn middla aged ass and shut the fuck up i think that everyone should buy a hummer and play demolition derby with all the little priuses in the world so that way we can flatten all of the uglies that drive a prius... ya digg?
Person 1: wow i love my new prius
Person 2: Was it white?
Person 1: Yeah why?
Person 2:sorry i flattened it with my hummer because it looked like an oversized rodent and/or a wedge of cheese
by H8 prius August 04, 2009
Somthing Gay or The act of being a Fag
- Stop being prius , ask her out fag
- The guy is prius is hell with that rainbow shirt
by iboz July 13, 2009
Also known as the Douchebuggy, the Prius is the Batmobile for douches, dumbasses, and bad drivers.
Every person behind the wheel of a Prius/Douchebuggy is either
A) A douche
B) A bad driver
C) An idiot with no common sense
D) All of the above
Many Prius drivers think they are better than everyone else for driving one, however, they are like a giant "I Am A Douche" sign one drives everywhere.

If you ever think of buying a Prius, you are either not thinking or want to find another way to be a douche.
Person A: Did you see that asshole on his Bluetooth headset being rude to everyone at Starbucks leaving his car parked in 2 spaces like a total dick? Why would someone do that?
Person B: Well, did you see he was driving a Prius?
Person A: Oh... Well that explains everything.
by MikeylHunt October 22, 2013
Verb: to rage so intensely in a hybrid vehicle that you sport an erection (or penis-like enlarged clitoris) to the point of emission. Typically achieved after exhibiting excessively aggro behavior toward other environmentally-unfriendly vehicles. If the source stimulus, commonly a large pickup truck rollin' coal, is not immediately removed, emission or full ejaculation is imminent.
I throttled up the ol' Cummins yesterday and this clown next to me in his hybrid started to Pruis. I was rollin' coal all over his weak shit until he had to pull of into the shoulder to finish.

I dropped some black smoke on this bitch at a stoplight in her hybrid last week and she started Priusing. I kept feedin' her until she fired a femme-batch all over her upholstery.
by TheSmifter March 25, 2012
A car owned by homosexuals, often referred to as a "vagina"
Dude, that douche drives a prius I mean, vagina. What a homo.
by banneddps January 24, 2015
A hybrid (gasoline + electric engines) car made by Toyota that is great on gas but worse for the environment than a Range Rover Sport Supercharged.

Battery material is mined in Canada, cargo shipped around the world to China, where it is combined with economy-strength steel (to be lightweight of course) and God knows how many different kinds of plastics, then final assembly is in Japan. Car gets cargo shipped back around the world to America and even further to Europe.

Range Rover Sport Supercharged?

Made in some little factory with a decades-old good-ol' boy derived V8 and strapped with a blower. Put on a tried and true Range Rover chassis and tweaked to be street-worthy. Shipped primarily to America.
Joe the Liberal: I just got a Toyota Prius! I'm doing my part to save the environment!

Level-Headed Lenny: I drive a Chevy Colorado and don't do nearly as much damage as you do with that high voltage, tree hugging econobox.
by jimmydeanmcqueen May 26, 2009
Acronym for car made by Toyota that stands for Pass Right-side, I'm Unbearably Slow.
Look at that PRIUS driving in the fast-lane doing 40 MPH.
by CJOII August 18, 2010

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