The absolute faggiest car ever made. It doesn't even deserve to be called a car. It's more of a huge mound of shit that only retarded liberals and old turds with destroyed brains use to get somewhere.
That's a shitty Prius. Oh wait! All priuses are shit and shit heads drive them.
by FloppyRibs July 13, 2014
A car for gay guys and pussies
Look at those gay men driving in their prius.
by _Joe_Daddy_ October 26, 2013
A very fashionable car that makes you look "environmentally conscious." People also think the fuel economy is unbelievably amazing.

The fact is, however, that if you are really interested in saving the environment and gas, a regular subcompact is a much better choice. Older subcompacts such as the Geo Metro, some Honda Civics, the Toyota Tercel, and so on actually got equal or better gas mileage, often above 50 mpg. There is also no electric motor or batteries to mess with, so they are cheaper and easier to fix. These reliable little cars are so cheap to buy and maintain today that it is ridiculous to claim a new Prius saves money.

They also have zero environmental impact, since the are already manufactured. In addition, hybrids' gigantic battery packs full of lead, toxic heavy metals and acid, screw the environment so badly that some people have calculated that a Hummer H3 has less environmental impact.

Also, conventional cars can be hundreds of pounds lighter without the batteries. Performance (and fuel economy) is improved. There is also more room/fewer ugly bulges/ lower aerodynamic profile without a battery pack.

However, this will not convince the liberals who only want to LOOK like they are on the right path.
Liberal nerd: "Everyone should own a Prius! It just makes sense! I can't believe it gets 45 mpg! I'm really just self-interested, because it will save me $$ in the long run!"

Liberal nerd who knows something about cars: Dude, my 1992 Honda Civic VX gets 60 mpg, and it looks better even though it's 17 years old. I bought it for $500 and I can do all the maintenance myself. It can also dust your battery pack on wheels.

Nerd 1: Hey, it's worth it for the status it gives me.
by Spinningtabletop February 02, 2009
Verb. To prius.

When driving on a two-lane road, coming up behind a vehicle driving ten under the speed limit, and having to wait for a line of cars to pass on the other side before driving around and resuming normal speed.
Driving back from Pennsylvania we were priused three times.
by sweetbabyray's August 18, 2010
A vagina on wheels.
1: what is that?

2: that's a Prius

1: A Prius?! I didn't no vagina's came on wheels.
by Asensation January 19, 2011
A car that produces indignation in people with an inferiority complex.
See that guy driving the Prius? I bet he only bought it so that he can look down on us. What an elitist snob!
by catsitter3 September 14, 2010
Prius, along with all other hybrid vehicles are sold to dickheads who think that they are buying an earth-saving new technology that is going to save them money. The reality is that hybrid vehicles are neither a new technology, environmentally friendly or as cost effective as claims suggest.
Hey dude, my prius has this new awesome hybrid technology!

Hey dickhead, your "new" technology has existed for at least 70 years!!!
by Dudecuz May 14, 2011

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