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A Lunchbox that people call a car.
Man: Hey, I just got a Prius
Wife: You mean a lunchbox?
by BOBBYTOE November 25, 2011
10 20
A small plastic means of transportation for tampons and other feminine product.
I think my period is coming on, quick find someone with a Prius.
by Toyota Certified Spokesman November 18, 2011
8 19
A person or group of people who do not pay their fair amount of taxes. These people include: illegal immigrants, homeless people, hippies, Weseley Snipes, and of course those goddamn Prius drivers who dont pay their fair share of taxes at the gas pump.
K: Dude I hate Priuses
M: Yeah, I hate those cars too
K: No, I meant the ignorant bastards who dont pay their fair share of taxes, which in turn fucks America in the ass because they dont have the money to pay for useful things like education and welfare.
M: Yeah... I hate those guys too
by MER8490 January 07, 2009
73 84
An undeniably hideous piece of excrement, usually the product of a liberal, vegetarian resident of San Francisco. In recent years, the Japanese car company, Toyota, has been moulding this disgusting object into something that people can drive (like a car). How Toyota is able to do this has baffled scientists around the world. The most common driver of a prius is a person who created the original excrement (they're really in to recycling).
San Francisco has banned Happy Meals - why can't they ban people from driving priuses.
by Baraquisha Obananiqua June 11, 2011
9 22
A word that can be shouted to make the presence of a black person aware to whoever you are with before they have a chance to make a racial joke about them.
Friend: So theres a white guy a spanish guy and a black guy...
You: Prius!
Friend: Thanks that was a close one
by Tonka Maximus February 16, 2011
4 21
Toyota Prius, FIRST Mainstream hybrid vehicle produced, gets over 60 miles per gallon, lowest emmisions, and its peppy
My prius goes 0-60 in 0-60 seconds
by prius May 29, 2004
134 153
a prank involving shitting in an empty soda can and making an unsuspecting person drink it.
WHAT THE FUCK!? someone gave me a prius when I wasn't looking!
by weird nerd January 08, 2011
2 25