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1)A full-type hybrid that never needs to be recharged; A revolutionary car that combines electricity and gasoline to achieve high efficiency. It is very affordable investment that provides as a platform for all of Toyota's new technology. Its EPA estimates are crap, but people are getting from 40-70 mpg. Best car for your money.

pl. Prius (plural word is derived from the Japanese language)
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The Prius does not need transmission fluid because it doesn't have one! The electric motor provides the varying RPM ranges. How 1337!

The Prius can automatically unlock the doors for you when you touch the handle and it senses the keys in your pocket. Then, it will sense the key inside so you can press the Power button to start the car. The Prius makes it possible to never fumble around for keys!

The Prius' plastics are derived from plants. The Prius' Panasonic battery lasts over 150,000 miles and is recyclable!
by Seifer (Prius2013) April 13, 2004
247 282
pussy repellent fagmobile driven by casey mccoy.
dude that car's shaped like a schlong! What a prius.
by Twister April 22, 2005
141 194
Ugly, environmentally friendly hybrid vehicle that is really cool, because all Hollywood celebrities drive one.
I'm buying a Toyota Prius because Cameron Diaz has one.
by nvdw May 02, 2005
91 167