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2 definitions by Dudecuz

Yet another marketing scam to disguise something as environmentally friendly when it really isn't.

ALL electric vehicles actually do rely on fossil fuels. The only difference being that to put fuel into an electric car you plug it into the wall instead of taking it down to the gas station!

The reality is that while an electric care is slightly more efficient than an internal combustion, it still requires fuel. Use of mains power in most countries is still predominantly fossil based. So an electric car still runs on coal, gas, oil and even nuclear power.....wow not so environmentally friendly now are we!

The unfortunate reality is that most people are too ignorant to realise that no car, not even an electric one, is actually emission free. A fact that every marketing team, for every manufacturer of electric cars will exploit in the near future and this will generate copious amounts of sales and money.
My electric car is completely emission free....NOT!
by Dudecuz May 14, 2011
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Prius, along with all other hybrid vehicles are sold to dickheads who think that they are buying an earth-saving new technology that is going to save them money. The reality is that hybrid vehicles are neither a new technology, environmentally friendly or as cost effective as claims suggest.
Hey dude, my prius has this new awesome hybrid technology!

Hey dickhead, your "new" technology has existed for at least 70 years!!!
by Dudecuz May 14, 2011
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