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POOZER (n): someone who dresses cliche, acts sleazy, and acts like a total tool.
POOZER (adj): cliche, cheesy, annoying, of the d-bag descent.
POOZIN' (v) acting like a total poozer.
MALE poozers can be seen sporting (but is not limited to) the following things: Ecko, Famous, Timberland, or Tapout brand clothing; button up shirts with flames/dragons on them; Myspace/Facebook pictures containing them with no shirt on, flexing as if they are about to poop their pants; tattoos containing their name, Chinese/tribal symbols, dragons, or the Famous logo; typically text/type "LyK3 DysS 2 ImPrezS tha L@d!ez"; they're myspace is pimped out with lil' wayne quotes & music; have an uncanny ability to try to talk you into "S3nDyn dEm Sum pixx".

FEMALE poozers can be spotted taking part in the following things: the kissy lip/peace sign combo in Facebook/Myspace pictures; a ridiculous amount of cheetah/zebra print clothes; text/type "LyK3 Dys"; use the term "lol" after every other word; cell phone signatures consist of things like "#1 DiVa 4 Lyf3", "Betta 0fF wiTouT hym", etc.; take pictures of themselves drinking alcohol; use the classic "roll shorts more times than i need to, to make my butt look bigger" method of attracting other poozers; wear Aeropostale polos/jeans with butterflies imprinted on them; set their myspace name as their first name, then a dramatic noun after it. ex-SAMMY SUICIDE, or DIANNE DISASTER; load up their arms with hemp bracelets to make themselves a "hippie"; can be seen sporting a large amount of peace sign jewelry; have tattoos containing: butterflies/zebra hearts/etc.; take pictures making out with their boyfriends.
by mollyfreakinggray April 12, 2010
A word Green Lantern Kilowog used to describe
a people from time to time.
Kind of like "jack-ass" or "putz"

Native of Bolovax Vik, Kilowogs Home planet.
Hal Jordan: "I don't like that Guy Gardner punk. He's got a real shitty attitude."

Kilowog: "Yeah, he's a real Poozer."

Guy Gardner: " Hey, what are guys talking about ?"

Hal Jordan: "mmm....nothing."

Kilowog: " Definitely not talking about you being a Poozer or anything."

Hal Jordan: " Hey, I got and idea. Why don't you go hang out with your buddy, G'nort ?, rember how cool he is ?"

Guy Gardner: "I fucking hate you guys."
by Darth Limpy August 03, 2009
: pussy-ass loser, ( A word used by Kilowog, a drill instructor for the Green Lantern Corp, to "encourage" recruits ).
Kilowog at "the club" in Lodi: "Blast me, this God-forsaken town is full of poozers".
by zwasbk7327 May 27, 2013
Something smelly or unpleasant, especially when regarding excrement.
"My guinea pig stinks so much, I have to change his cage 5 times a week!"

"Wow, what a poozer."
by sbfishy January 27, 2005
A drippy, frumpy-ass loser. Usually seen in ironic t-shirts (i.e. "Take Me Drunk I'm Home"), psorasis, and acne.
The guys playing Magic Cards at that table over there are a bunch of poozers.
by bricksprickly December 16, 2002
An Asshole (the literal sense of the word as in the anal opening)
I have an itchy poozer.
by Poozer Cake March 20, 2007
a southern term for shit (otherwise known in the literal sense like shit from your butt)
like a log (in the toilet)
by Anonymous February 15, 2003