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One who is dehydrated or completely wasted, often times complaining about the lack of water despite the presents of water within the vacinity.

Vik's are usually:
emotional drunks
very friendly
awesome at guitar hero
ex. He's definitely a vik if he keeps askin for "wwwwaaaaatt......waaaattteeeerrr"
by hehehehee June 14, 2008
One who likes a half a sandwich.
A half a sandwich? I'm not a Vik, I don't like a half a sandwich.
by Iridiumrev January 12, 2011
to be a vik the following must apply:
-be a silly poo
-be a Cheaver
-have Stubbiez
-follows all rules of Mayology

-and not good at gituar hero XD
That vik over there is addicted to Scrubs.
by queenofbs August 23, 2008

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