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pronounced low-die...a sometimes frustrating town full of druggies and "whine-o's" but an all around nice place to live. thank god for the delta riiiiight?
"stuck in lodi again"
by tQast July 14, 2008
a small town in northern california. in between stockton and galt. NOT the bayarea. known as the 209<3 lodi has lots of hot boys and really good shows. LOW-DIE.
"i live in lodi"
"damn your hecka lucky"
by scenieinwonderland April 12, 2008
Pronounced as 'Lau-Dee'!
It's a Hindi word which is used in reference to A girl who is a Total BITCH!
wo bandi ek number ki 'lodi' hai?
by Backchod Bhartiya April 01, 2016
pronounced: lo-dee
someone that likes to get loaded via drugs and alcohol or has a preference for one. loades often hang out in parks in groups with other lodis. they don't get much accomplished because their parting is numero uno.
"Look at those lodis sitting under that tree getting high!"
by Fraulein Strau September 13, 2007
A common name for taking a bongload. This was developed in San Diego and refers to pot or smoking pot only.
I need a lodi so badly!
That lodi just destroyed me.
by danky kranky June 09, 2009
intoxicated (alcohol)
In regards to camcorder filmed under the influence==> "Lodi-Footage"
by Crunch Nugget January 09, 2003
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