Rough sex from behind, word originates from "doggy style sex"
Nigga please, you would pooch that bitch
by Mark Kearney February 21, 2005
A bitch or a weakling. This word is used in the bay area and was first introduced by Javier De La Cruz and Terrance Jackson.
Look at my pooch Bill. Or. Look at those pooches over there.
by Javier De La Cruz May 31, 2007
Short for "poo change" (Small coin change). Useful for milkbars
Why do you have so much pooch?

by flabgrab April 30, 2007
The combination of the anus and vagina, basically a 'poo cooch'
I saw some weird pooch porn the other day. As gross as it was it was kind of a turn on...
by Swyss April 20, 2007
A girls private part ie vagina, cunt
1. She wants you to eat out her pooch.
2. Do you eat pooch?
by mj 1234321 March 12, 2008
A long lost mate who moves to the Gold Coast to become a full time faggot, Posting shitty bar tending and food trends along with gay selfies on social media.
Pissy 1: Ohh man we should definitely take some selfies of us looking suave before we go out
Pissy 2 : don't be a fucking pooch bro.
by Eggyg94 December 17, 2015
When an individual takes the ball off another on the first bounce
Blake just pooched charlie
by Dr Ernest Mudbone October 15, 2015
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