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To conceal something in one's vagina, usually for the purpose of hiding it from the police or security guards
They're searching at the door, you better start pooching your stash, girl!
by Kevin Break May 14, 2008
The act of inhaling dogs farts to get high off them.
"Dude im so stoned. That labradors got me ripped man"

"Yo you need to stop pooching"
by DonSquigie December 18, 2010
to be hanging about. like cotch
i was just pooching round my homegyals yard
by Koonalie September 06, 2005
Havng sex with any dog of a girl that will go to bed with you.
That girl is a real dog, but I'm in the middle of a dry spell. So, I'm going pooching and hit it hard enough to make her bark like the dog she is.
by J Cheever Loophole December 15, 2010
v. to pooch is to have sex. Pooching is the act of having sex as a poocher is a womans vagina.
"Man I really pooched that sluts poocher last night!"
"haven't done much pooching lately.."
by imperfect faerie June 13, 2006
To jump from a high platform onto a soft pad. See Pooch Pad.
"Lets go pooching at Niq's"
by Niq Hallgren January 22, 2006
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