the word used to describe girls who are abnormally man-like and who only hook up with guys that boulder V10 or harder and have enough money to support her ugg and ice cream habits and who remind her of the only boy she ever loved named Darsh.
She is such a pooch!
Quit being such a pooch!
#punch #man arms #girl testicals #chaste #man hands
by douche2020 April 12, 2007
a word derived from vagina. it means the clitoral valve in a womens vagina.
I'd like to finger her pooch
by jay brenstuhl January 20, 2005
a soft gushey part of the skin
Your elbows, cheeks, BUTT,, stomach,, Boobs,, ear lobe's,, susy,, maybe Eliz sometimes,,,
by Diego March 23, 2003
In football, used to describe either of two kinds of kicking plays; a punt or a kickoff. The pooch punt is a targeted free kick intended to place the receiving team deep in its own zone, usually by aiming the kick to roll out of bounds. The pooch kick is either a high, lobbed kickoff intended to drop behind the opposing front line with the goal of the kicking team to recover, as in an on-side kick, or a low, hard line drive kick that is difficult for the receiving team to handle (also known as a squib kick).
1. "Man, he pooched that one beautifully, pinning the Packers inside the five yard line."

2. The pooch kick was recovered by the kicking team before it had gone the required ten yards, giving possession to the receiving team.
#punt #kickoff #on-side kick #squib #free kick
by iceking October 18, 2005
A stupid skank whore slut bag. Top of the whores.
Stephanie Hall is the biggest pooch ever.
by Rage June 08, 2003
A sexy black man from the south, usually texas.
I want to meet that pooch.
#poochie #texan #po folk #yard boy #pimpin
by jenaveve13 July 27, 2009
When you have poo on your gooch.
When wiping your arse you accidently spread some shit onto your gooch, (this often happens when using a cheap brand of toilet paper) therefore you have poo on your gooch creating the word POOCH to describe this action. The gooch is the bit of skin between the ball sack and the anus.
#gooch #smelly bridge #anus #arse #shit
by JuiceBoxspuddy July 12, 2009
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