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When you have poo on your gooch.
When wiping your arse you accidently spread some shit onto your gooch, (this often happens when using a cheap brand of toilet paper) therefore you have poo on your gooch creating the word POOCH to describe this action. The gooch is the bit of skin between the ball sack and the anus.
by JuiceBoxspuddy July 12, 2009
usually a fat person, that has a bulge underneath their stomach that resembles a kangaroos baby pouch.
"hey Darwin!" look at that lady and her enormous POOCH!
by petter pipper April 19, 2009
The piece of skin between the scrotum and arsehole of a person who chooses to be a 'front-wiper'. Portmanteau of the two words 'poo' and 'gooch'. To be shouted at anyone discovered to be a front wiper at any available opurtunity...'POOOOOOOCH'
Mate, you're a front wiper? That smell must be your pooch then.
by Poochie boy March 13, 2008
Pooch is a term used to when talking about a female genitalia.

Person 1: Did u hit dat pooch last night fam?
Person 2: You dun know!!
by T-Gully March 29, 2009
Rough sex from behind, word originates from "doggy style sex"
Nigga please, you would pooch that bitch
by Mark Kearney February 21, 2005
A bitch or a weakling. This word is used in the bay area and was first introduced by Javier De La Cruz and Terrance Jackson.
Look at my pooch Bill. Or. Look at those pooches over there.
by Javier De La Cruz May 31, 2007
Short for "poo change" (Small coin change). Useful for milkbars
Why do you have so much pooch?

by flabgrab April 30, 2007