A turd. A poop. A number two.
Whoever keeps dropping pooches on the floor of the locker room needs to quit NOW!
by mangus January 13, 2005
Bump in the pants formed when you sit down.
Pants that dont fit correctly may form a pooch.
by andrew "analyzer" johnson December 08, 2004
A 10 dollar bag of powder cocaine. It is not snorted, it is poured on top of marijuana and smoked.
"Where can we cop a pooch?"
"I got the blunt, you got the pooch?"
"That hole be havin them fat ass pooches."
by Merz February 06, 2003
a term used to describe the action of pulling through with a fat bong hoot.
"way to pooch that bowl, homes."
#snap #bong hoots #blaze #weed #ganja #swed #420
by Nigs G June 09, 2009
The act of sitting outside the front door, usually on a step - or two. There are often many people involved in this activity, all watching the world go by armed with cigarettes and perkers. This term is often confused with the act of 'stooping' although general belief is that the act of pooching out wins the act of stooping.
To pooch in the morning
Pooch in the evening
Pooching all day long
#pooch #poochy #poochin #pooching #pooooooch
by knoddle May 06, 2009
when you're ravishingly rude
Aw man, he didn't deserve that from you! You're such a pooch!
#pooch #ravishing #rude #hcp #rastasega
by RastaSega September 17, 2008
To get scared and back out of something that you originally said you were going to do.

To bitch out of something.

Don't pooch out now, you said I can hit it!

That fool didn't do, he pooched out!
Tony pooched out man, he didn't fuck that hoe.
#bitch up #bitched up #scared #afraid #hoed out
by Dirty SOuth 954 May 16, 2008
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