Noun: Something someone has said that appears to be a lie, usually for the purpose of making them look good

Verb: To pooch - to fabricate lies or exaggerations to make oneself look good

Comes from talking shit i.e chatting poo > poo-chatting > pooching
Mc: Richie said he goes out with a supermodel

D: That's blatant pooch!
by Del the Boy September 28, 2009
Twat, Cunt, Epic failure , Queer just a few words that come to mind
Michael Martinez is a POOCH
by Gritz1 May 05, 2010
shit rigg, shit huss, shit tatt, shit human.
Contrary to what you think, you have a shit rigg, shit huss, shit tatt... you are pooch.
by Moman Momillion November 07, 2009
pooch: is a non-derogatory term for that pad of fat just south of a woman's navel, but north of her genitalia.
She was relaxing when her husband poked her in the pooch.
by baddozer April 18, 2009
A term descended and condensed from the phrase "fucking the dog". Used to describe the act of doing nothing, as well as making a fuck-up occur and the act of departing forthwith.
1. Fuck man it's time we left, let's pooch.
2. You pooched the hell out of it.
3. Did nothing but the pooch today.
by PDR July 19, 2003
(noun) An endearing reference to the cappuccino.
One small pooch coming up.
by AKH September 09, 2005
This terms, used by LGBT clubbers, refers to the one being in the process of perfecting his/her own looks, attitude, style, personality and/or all the above and is only so if this process is seen by an other's perspective as being pleasing to his/her (the observers) standards. One might even say this would be the extreme reference to express ones approval. When one is referred to as pooched this is to say the final view of ones attire is on hit status. To queer folk describing someone as pooched is the ultimate compliment. This term is embraced by queer folk in the USA from coast to coast.
Girlfriend's fashions were pooched from head to toe! Her mission to pooch was set out in fierce armour of the finest couture garb. She aced her effect with brim, bag and boots to match as carried on pooching at last nights function!
by Demicci Dior-Britt December 02, 2006
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