pooch (v. tr.)
- to fall asleep; to pass out
- has gone to sleep

pooched (v. intr.)
- to be asleep
I'm so tired, I'm about ready to pooch.
-- Where's John? -- Pooched on the couch.
When did you finally pooch last night?
by mickeyb1ueeyes February 01, 2006
Something that eats babies, a baby-eater
Sasuke from Naruto is a pooch.
Pooches aren't allowed to face.
by PenguinGengar December 09, 2005
pooch (v) - to act poochingly, with playful disregard.

what do you mean you didn't do your homework ? Were you being a pooch ?
by jamover November 23, 2005
A stupid, useless person who irritates others.
Stop acting like such a pooch!
by BlondieUT November 11, 2005
Pooch is an abbreviation for the term pussy-pouch. This can be best explained as a lipid gathering around the uteran area, which forms what one might call a uterus pouch. This is a seperate package from the stomach. However, a pooch might also be part of one's pubic mound.
Hey, look at that old lady's pooch! Her fanny pack sits so nicely on it.
by paulasquared October 14, 2005
another name for the skin on ur knee cap
"my pooch itches like hell"
by BulKathos September 09, 2005
When something is finished and you have to throw it out.
Where can i pooch my smoke?
by JKix May 17, 2005

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