every race has its history, but poland has its for sure. they were invaded by germans, huns, and the russians. they really have their history. they are very hard working people who are known for their fencing and being invaded by neighbors of their nation, especially the germans.

i was born in america with polish ancestry. i am 15% polish. when my family came here, they struggled. those who were wiped out because of the nazis are always rememered. those that came to america, i wish well on their journey.

people who are polish are hard working people. they use their brains, and are very nice people. if youre not polish in poland, you are always welcome.
i am part polish and i like being from poland with its history.
by adudeman June 20, 2007
a very good country with some very good people
im proud to be from poland
by Southwest_juggla September 03, 2007
Best Country in the World.
Has the best food, vodka and of course women.
All the Other coutries wish they could be as cool as Poland =]
by MEE =] January 27, 2008
Just adding to what everyone else wrote, concerning WW2, and all that jazz. If it wasn't for Poland, Europe would be entirely Moslem.

The battle of Vienna. The large-scale battle was won by Polish-Austrian-German forces led by King of Poland John III Sobieski against the Ottoman Empire. If the Poles were to be defeated at Vienna, then nothing would have stopped the Ottomans from conquering the entire continent, and spread their religion. After the defeat of he moslems, John III Sobieski received a gift from the current Pope, I believe it was a Baton or a sword.

Also, the Poles had the best cavalry in the entire world history! The "Winged Hussar's" had the best bred horses, and the biggest as well. They are called "Winged" Hussar's because of the 2 wooden arches on the backs of the Polish cavalryman were lined with feathers from various or a specific bird (not sure) and when the horses would charge toward the enemy, the air passing the through the feathers would create a very, VERY high-pitched screech that would scare the enemy's horses and cause havoc against enemy cavalry. The Polish horses were not affected because they were raised to adjust to that noise.
If it weren't for Poland, Europe would be an Islamic continent.

King John Sobieski III, along with the Polish armies, especially the Winged Hussar's, defeated the Ottoman Empire at the Battle of Vienna, saving Europe from Islam.
by Krzysztof P. March 10, 2008
Poland really came through hard times. Since end of medieval times it was the most powerful country in Europe for several centuries ( from Baltic sea to Black sea ), than - as You can see from today UK and USA, when it's too good, people go nuts from richness so stupidity and laziness become common. Poles were so strong in those times that they managed to change Russian ruler for their own man somewhere about 1600's. Hitler or Napoleon weren't able to do it. John III Sobieski rescued Vienna, and Europe by the way, from Muslim invasion. Austrians thanked Poles 200 hundred years later and, together with Germany and Russia, did partitioning of Poland making it disappear from Europe's maps for 123 years. But Poles didn't gave up, and after I war fought back their country. Than, after about 10 years of freedom II World War began, and Germans attacked it, and after several months so did Russians. Two great powers of those times attacked weak and just recreated country from both sides. There was no hope for winning. Abandoned by it's cowardly and short-sighted allies - UK and France, Poland felt again. And once again, Poles help to fight against Nazis in nearly every European battle and all what they got was another betrayal when it was left by Churchil and Roosvelt for Stalin's Soviet Union. After the fall of communism ( You already guess who started it ) Poland was poor and debted. Yet somehow after only 30 years after communism it still has best economy in Europe in times of global crisis which began in USA.

So if You are asking why Poles go and live in UK and all other western countries, the answer is very simple. Because they can have better and easier life among lazy and uneducated people. Life taught them not to demand to much to be happy, ( big houses, shiny bullshit cars - who needs that ) just basic stuff and family. The problem in Poland is, that still after all those years of communism there's a big mess there. Taxes (3rd in Europe) are very high to pay all those debts and keep the high rate of development, at expense of people. And who wants to live in such country. You have only one life.
If Poles from Poland weren't so brave and straightforward You would now be speaking Arabic and do everyday reading of Koran, my European friend.

Lets face it, this polish bloke from Poland, who has a master degree, works 4 times faster and better than me, and is still happy getting minimum wage. What's wrong with me ?
by Dzidek Dzidecki July 19, 2009
A Central European country that has suffered immensely through the centuries because of being coveted by larger neighbors. The reputation of Poles being stupid came from them being willing to fight for their country and their freedom when they had no chance in hell of winning. Poland, contrary to popular belief, is a very cultured country that has produced many great scientists, authors, artists, writers, film directors, etc. Poland is now in the European Union. The most negative thing about Poland, however, is the lingering tradition of antisemitism that has survived even though Poland has almost no Jews. This is ironic because Poland before the Russians came in was not as anti-semitic as other European countries ; the Russians introduced the virus of antisemitism into Poland and unfortunately it remained. It probably thrived because of Poles' pride in their Catholicism (even under Communist rule the church remained strong) causing them to look suspiciously upon non-Catholics. Nevertheless Poland has made many great contributions to the world, and perhaps the greatest was the Polish Resistance fighting the Nazis when they had no hope of prevailing against Hitler's war machine. Millions of Poles died in the Nazi concentration camps built on Polish soil. Lech Walesa's Solidarity movement, with the backing of the Polish Pope John Paul II, helped bring down Communism ; Poland was the first communist country to return to democratic rule.
The world owes Poland a debt of gratitude for the contributions of Poles in fighting Nazi Germany
by Rattus cattus September 14, 2006
The country in central Europe known for tall people, volleyball, vodka and extremely hot chicks. The school system is really hard, so when someone can give you a definition of surface integrals, knows what the capital city of Somalia is, and recognizes Charlemagne on some medieval coins, he is probably polish middle school student. The citizens of Poland drink gallons of alcohol and don't get drunk at all. They use vodka as an energy drink during volleyball games and skijumping. Polish girls are damn hot, and they speak English with strange russian accent, but their grammar and vocabulary is better than native americans'. When polish workers cant finish the task, they call for brothers, cousins and every second friend, and they get it done in 2am in the morning, but thats ok, because they dont charge.
Unfortunately other nations will never understand polish humor, since its based on polish language, which is fucking hard and has been never understood by any non-polish person.
Wojtek: Are you sure its vodka?
Tadeus: Its pure alcohol dude!
Party in Poland
by dafuq February 03, 2012

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