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Land of the hardworking people...they went through so much throughout history.

Also home to a classmate of mine...
"I am Polish"-Paula Siudek (you crazy white sickhead)
by Dreamer July 19, 2003
Nauseated and dizzy. The room spins and you feel drunk.
"I am so damn woozy man i took 150 woodrose seeds and took it down with a good ol'e robotussin!"
by dreamer May 27, 2003
sexually attracted to men and their pert bottoms.
hey Nolan, you like men.
by dreamer December 10, 2004
dreamer=piggy#3=clip's muimui
wileen is a dreamer.
by dreamer November 20, 2004
The best Arts school in the Monrgomery area. Needs to continue being that. And all yall Brewtech adn LAMP folks need to stop hating.
BTW is the greatest arts school.
by Dreamer May 17, 2003
I think that they are Polish people I guess...so er...yeah...

Those who emigrate to other westernized countries such as America and Australia are totally Westernized and love the Simpsons!
by Dreamer July 25, 2003
A name used to describe a cheat.
Cant be relied apon.
Often preceded by "justin"
No more need be said........
by dreamer January 31, 2005
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