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A truly wonderful country to visit. Despite some communistic reprecussions, Poland is modernizing quickly, and just like all of Eastern Europe, it's a real gem.

People, food, sights, history, culture

Roads/drivers, its crime, its pollution, some-things-still-old-fashioned
I went to Poland, and neighboring Slovakia during the summer, and it was a memorable trip.
by Verdantai June 23, 2004
An immensely popular plexus of information/data that can be viewed pictorally, literally (words, writing) or heard.

Because of its versatility, intangibility, and uncontrollability, the Internet grows rapidly, expanding everyday.

However, due to this growth, it has become virtually synonymous with "virus" or "porn." Despite those setbacks, the Internet can be a great device.

If careful, one can avoid the porn, and viruses it harbors.

Also, because of the Internet's versatility, it can used as an online multiplayer-playground. People from Europe can play against a person in South America, while he/she may be chatting with someone in the USA.
The Internet grew in popularity during the 1990's. It is now practically ubiquitous.
by Verdantai June 23, 2004

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