Poland has very hot women and Maria Cuire-Sklodowska was Polish. Ergo: Maria CS had to be really hot woman. She had just radiated the warmth...
"And maybe Maria Curie-Sklodowska was a woman also???" - Max in 'Sexmission'
by Lusac December 15, 2004
A truly wonderful country to visit. Despite some communistic reprecussions, Poland is modernizing quickly, and just like all of Eastern Europe, it's a real gem.

People, food, sights, history, culture

Roads/drivers, its crime, its pollution, some-things-still-old-fashioned
I went to Poland, and neighboring Slovakia during the summer, and it was a memorable trip.
by Verdantai June 23, 2004
Land of the hardworking people...they went through so much throughout history.

Also home to a classmate of mine...
"I am Polish"-Paula Siudek (you crazy white sickhead)
by Dreamer July 19, 2003
I won't write you about economy, history and stuff...
We have pretty girls (ussually blondes with nice, huge you-know-what. Examples? Check out Izabella Scorupco- Bond's girl from "Goldeneye"), we have the best vodka on the world (like Sobieski), and our beer is nice too (honoured with medals). Our beer is ussually 5-10% and has a deep golden brown colour (not like american light yellow water beer's). Check our best: Tyskie, Zywiec, Lech or Warka.

And (inspite of what U americans think of us) we are quite smart ;) Any examples: You have to have a special net dictionary to know where Poland is (CENTRAL Europe not East), and i am pretty sure, that everyone in Poland know where USA is, and can show it on the map... U'll say "It is big- everybody knows it), but we have to know smaller countries too, you know... :) And I'm doubtfull, that U all can show on the map where is Republik of Congo, Zair, Sumathra or Sri Lanka... ;)
Anyway it is a big and fast-growing country.
And by the way- you have polish jokes- nice... We don't have to have US Jokes - we are just visiting sites like that!
Show me on the map where is Maroko, without checking on the internet, and than I am pretty shure that U r from Poland ;)
by Pole December 20, 2005
A country in central europe (not eastern like someone said). Surrounded by Germany to the west, the Czech republik and Slovakia to the South, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Russia to the East. An ancient country founded in the middle 10th century by the Piast dynasty. Was one the the richest and biggest countries in europe after it merged with Lithuania, had the first ministry of education (ministy isn't the word I'm looking for), some of the first universities in europe, the second constitution (after the U.S), the first somewhat democratic system, great cavalry troops, but got partitioned due to interna conflics. Regaines it's independence in 1918, only to be invaded by Germany and Russia soon after (Poland actually propesed to attack Germany with France, but France backed out). After that it was made into a soviet satelite, until it rebelled and was made into a democratic republic. The communist hurt the economy making Poland significantly poorer than western europe, but improved education and other things. In the 1990s Poland improved it's economy, and prepared to joined the European Union. Poland joined the E.U in 2004. The current president is a former commie, and not that great. Poland is a very beatiful country, and I'm not just saying that, I'm from Poland and I've traveled to other countries. Beautiful cities- Krakow, Zakopane, Gdansk, Sopot, Kolobrzeg, etc. I am from Chorzow, which is pretty nice and has a huge park. The girls are pretty hot, and there aren't as many fat people as there are in America. Having lived there and in the United States, I can say that I would rather live in Poland. And one more thing- Polish people aren't stupid. Schools are much harder in Poland, and we generally think of Americans as stupid. Here are some random facts- there aren't a lot of black people in Poland, there are a lot of trams, cars are cheap, gas is not, education is free.
1. I am Poland, I am Polish.
2. I'm traveling to Poland this year.
3. I wish I was as cool as that Polish kid.
4. Canada is almost as cool as Poland.
by P0lishPimp August 26, 2005
Great Country in Central Europe. Inhabitants are very intelligent unlike those dumb fat Americans. This country went through a hard time during the World War 2. Poland destroyed the most Nazi Soldiers,War Ships,Air Crafts,Tanks and other. The French were pussies and gay and didn't want to help Poland attack Germany. Oh Well they were invaded anyways.They are lucky the Britan actually helped them too. Poland got sexy girls, great people and not a lot of fat people.
Look at that sexy blonde chick.
I bet shes from Poland.
by TruPolishThug August 26, 2006
A Central European country that has suffered immensely through the centuries because of being coveted by larger neighbors. The reputation of Poles being stupid came from them being willing to fight for their country and their freedom when they had no chance in hell of winning. Poland, contrary to popular belief, is a very cultured country that has produced many great scientists, authors, artists, writers, film directors, etc. Poland is now in the European Union. The most negative thing about Poland, however, is the lingering tradition of antisemitism that has survived even though Poland has almost no Jews. This is ironic because Poland before the Russians came in was not as anti-semitic as other European countries ; the Russians introduced the virus of antisemitism into Poland and unfortunately it remained. It probably thrived because of Poles' pride in their Catholicism (even under Communist rule the church remained strong) causing them to look suspiciously upon non-Catholics. Nevertheless Poland has made many great contributions to the world, and perhaps the greatest was the Polish Resistance fighting the Nazis when they had no hope of prevailing against Hitler's war machine. Millions of Poles died in the Nazi concentration camps built on Polish soil. Lech Walesa's Solidarity movement, with the backing of the Polish Pope John Paul II, helped bring down Communism ; Poland was the first communist country to return to democratic rule.
The world owes Poland a debt of gratitude for the contributions of Poles in fighting Nazi Germany
by Rattus cattus September 14, 2006
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