Another word for Tampon
yo bitch, my plug is leakin!
by noname' September 10, 2003
body jewlery worn in the ear after being stretched
Did you see her cool new plugs?
by bleep September 01, 2003
A way oftaking drugs such as ecstacy, by sticking them in your butthole, because the tissue there is extra absorbant
dude, plug my cock
by billy_gilman August 11, 2003
a word describing someone who is totally useless; comparing them to a buttplug.
You are the most worthless plug I've ever met.
by The Rust Of Tydes August 01, 2003
A shorter version of the word double dong butt plug. It still maintains the same meaning.
Fuck you Mike, you're a plug.
by Anonymous May 05, 2003
an ad for a small business or company on another community-based site.

"watch those shameless plugs, yo!"
by no one in particular April 28, 2003
To have sex with someone
I'm going to plug Jen.
by Anonymous September 25, 2002
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