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a term used in the boston area that is another word for dip, or chewing tobacco. plug can mean many differant types of chew but most likely grizzly snuff. the phrase was coined in 2008 by sean m. costello of sea street in north weymouth, massachusetts. a person who plugs is known as a "plugger"

verb;- pluggin'
kid: dude what are you doing?
plugger: throwin in some plug you dumb-ass!!
kid: oh, what kind?
plugger: grizzly wintergreen, its what the pros use
kid: wow i wana plug one day
hot girl: hey kid with the plug, will u plug me?
by davedarling February 15, 2010
(noun) a fire hydrant
Woo hoo! A parking spot! Doh. Nevermind. It's a damn plug.
by creaternity July 04, 2006
01: To hit with a bullet; shoot.
02: To hit with the fist; punch.
03: To have sex with someone by using the penis.
01: Someone broke into my house last night. I couldn't see who he was so the second I saw him I plugged him.
02: Mayweather plugged Gatti (6-25-05). It was a 6th round TKO and he won Gatti's belt.
03: When you gonna let me plug, baby?
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant June 26, 2005
A really bad troop in the army
damn, negligent discharge again...
Pte Smith is such a fuckin plug
by D April 01, 2004
A word to describe someone as stupid and retarded, but in a confusingly nice way as well.
God damn Cam is SUCH a plug....
That lecture was the biggest plugshow ever
Look, it's a plug!!!
Pasha, you're really plugging up that test
You have a tiny plug
by Svveeney June 10, 2008
N. a long thin smooth object which is inserted into the eye of the penus down the urethra
some say using a plug during sex or masturbation improves the male orgasm
by pooscooper December 27, 2004
The tech guy who is always on hand with his boredom-induced warmth and good cheer
Since the plug's job entails troubleshooting tech issues, he's often allotted extra free time when no one is having specific problems with their computers.