A device used to insert vaginally during menstration
She really needs to change her plug!
by Da Pimpstress January 24, 2008
A thing that something sticks into, so as to stop the flow of something or to continue the flow of something.
The plug stuck into the electrical outlet and LIGHT FILLED THE ROOM!

A bad smell was invading my nostrils so I plugged my nose.
by Keeeeeeeelly August 12, 2004
somthing good, or a hook up on somthin
Dude, Kareem gave me the plug on beer last night.

Dude, no test today? Thats a plug
by Golzy June 02, 2004
A wanna be gangster. Some one that thinks there a thug but are far from it.
Tony is a such a plug. He let Joe take his shoes and Jacket without resistance.
by gurjo June 13, 2010
1. To stab someone.

2. To be ugly, like Plug from the Bash Street Kids.
1. He was getting lippy so I plugged the cunt several times around the head and neck with a screwdriver, one of those Stanley ones with the red handle, yes I have a whole set of them!

2. Check that ugly bastard, what a plug man!
by Michael Lyons August 13, 2006
a word describing someone who is totally useless; comparing them to a buttplug.
You are the most worthless plug I've ever met.
by The Rust Of Tydes August 01, 2003
To have sex with someone
I'm going to plug Jen.
by Anonymous September 25, 2002

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