(verb) to connect with in a special telepathic way OR "noun" the special connection folks have.
Jeez they were happy with their plug cos no one else could understand what it was. That made'em feel special like a smart arse.

The familus was fully plugged.
by pad April 03, 2004
A really bad troop in the army
damn, negligent discharge again...
Pte Smith is such a fuckin plug
by D April 01, 2004
1. A big fatty boom batty pinch of smokeless tabacco. Also reffered to as a pinch, rub, skoal.
2. To plug someone is to give them the goods, to stick your love rod right into her bologna pocket.
1.Hey man, can i getta plug?

2.Dude, that skank from the bar last night...I plugged her like a sink.
by Blizzy September 10, 2003
body jewlery worn in the ear after being stretched
Did you see her cool new plugs?
by bleep September 01, 2003
A way oftaking drugs such as ecstacy, by sticking them in your butthole, because the tissue there is extra absorbant
dude, plug my cock
by billy_gilman August 11, 2003
a word describing someone who is totally useless; comparing them to a buttplug.
You are the most worthless plug I've ever met.
by The Rust Of Tydes August 01, 2003
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