A really bad troop in the army
damn, negligent discharge again...
Pte Smith is such a fuckin plug
by D April 01, 2004
A shorter version of the word double dong butt plug. It still maintains the same meaning.
Fuck you Mike, you're a plug.
by Anonymous May 05, 2003
ally spencer
mac "ally is dumb"

portia "no shes a plug"
by macdaddy898 April 28, 2009
A word to describe someone as stupid and retarded, but in a confusingly nice way as well.
God damn Cam is SUCH a plug....
That lecture was the biggest plugshow ever
Look, it's a plug!!!
Pasha, you're really plugging up that test
You have a tiny plug
by Svveeney June 10, 2008
1. A big fatty boom batty pinch of smokeless tabacco. Also reffered to as a pinch, rub, skoal.
2. To plug someone is to give them the goods, to stick your love rod right into her bologna pocket.
1.Hey man, can i getta plug?

2.Dude, that skank from the bar last night...I plugged her like a sink.
by Blizzy September 10, 2003
Another word for Tampon
yo bitch, my plug is leakin!
by noname' September 10, 2003
A tampon. Also known as a "spark plug."
"Honey, can you pick me up some spark plugs on the way home?"
(Before sex...) "Hold on, let me take out my plug."
by Crickett6969 June 15, 2008

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