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The main stream, the current fads and all the other stuff everyone seems to be doing. Nothing is wrong with being in the flow, out being out of the flow.
A man once said, "Go with the flow."
by benormous April 17, 2006
A hairstyle that's very popular for male hockey players. The flow is a hairstyle that involves growing it down to the neck, tucking it behind your ears, then greasing it to the extreme. Sometimes a baseball cap is put on top, to add to the grease. While some girls and boys find it attractive, most agree it is disgusting and should be banned.
"That guy is so cute!"
"No he's not, he has the flow."
by Imhungry May 11, 2014
Usually, a hockey players hair, grown out and protruding from the helmet, long, often slicked back.
Henrik Lundqvist sure got the flow! His hair is there!

Steven Stamkos had the flow once, but he cut it off
by WayneGretskytheGreat February 02, 2013
A statement highlighting that a particular wish is never going to come true. A polite confirmation by one person of a massive misconception by another
Toots asked Miss Holloway was it just him she skip skip skipped with. She replied 'We seem to have this conversation on a monthly basis!
see if you just went with the flow, maybe you'd get a pleasant super surprise!!'. He sighed that day and cried that evening.
by Barry Manilow July 08, 2004