Verb- To drop your jaw and dilate your pupils in hot-guy mezmorization.
Yeah I totally plobbed
by Sidnab July 01, 2011
Top Definition
To describe someone as being penis like
You're such a plob
by Hamm November 25, 2012
a more friendly form of love. without all the emotional attachment
bitch, i plob you! -or- friend, i love you!
by chickencoke June 14, 2008
(ex.) Compound expression for "please, obviously," for those of us too lazy to say both.


PLease, OBviouSly.
"My friend Sean makes one HELL of a drag queen."

"Hah, plobs."
by notmyword! November 23, 2007
Shit. Synonymous with dump, crap, shit and others.
After eating all that Mexican, I took a huge plob.
by Julio the Magnificent March 05, 2006
a pocket with a mop
i cleaned my floor with my plob
by rice October 08, 2003
Small, baby boy.
See also plobbin, splob, bobbin, and ker-bobbin
Wait a minute, I'm just going to feed the plob...
by moomintroll May 26, 2005
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