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A person who looked to define himself and found a suitable place. HAMM is world traveled but in Utah, semi-curious and yet disinterested, employed not overjoyed, ADHD'd since before children were unnecesarily medicated to correct behavior and curb enthusiasms, down home space cadet, well read, dropped out, and on a plane to switzerland, in his mind. HAMM comes with a cast of usual suspects, including bladegrenade, rio-rye, gogo, nicb, nicp, and, most efficiently, miss gyeong-ja. He lives in a house, never comes home, has a bed and sleeps on the porch.
HAMM suggested the US rename afghanistan afhammistan, and he wants to call namibia hammibia. indeed,
HAMM himself is known by many other names, including but not limited to: hammazillion, hammbillions, hammbone (note the two m's, there is a difference), hammdown, gogogo, needles, and Marvin Gates. Forgive HAMM father, for he knows not what to do.
by HAMM March 10, 2004
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