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To describe someone as being penis like
You're such a plob
by Hamm November 25, 2012
(ex.) Compound expression for "please, obviously," for those of us too lazy to say both.


PLease, OBviouSly.
"My friend Sean makes one HELL of a drag queen."

"Hah, plobs."
by notmyword! November 23, 2007
a more friendly form of love. without all the emotional attachment
bitch, i plob you! -or- friend, i love you!
by chickencoke June 14, 2008
Shit. Synonymous with dump, crap, shit and others.
After eating all that Mexican, I took a huge plob.
by Julio the Magnificent March 05, 2006
Verb- To drop your jaw and dilate your pupils in hot-guy mezmorization.
Yeah I totally plobbed
by Sidnab July 01, 2011
a pocket with a mop
i cleaned my floor with my plob
by rice October 08, 2003
Small, baby boy.
See also plobbin, splob, bobbin, and ker-bobbin
Wait a minute, I'm just going to feed the plob...
by moomintroll May 26, 2005