PK is an abbreviation for "peacekeepers."

I'm a peacekeeper and YOU can be a peacekeeper too. <33

PKs are known for spreading the peace. Most of us PKers are also part of a widely known club called CIRCLE K INTERNATIONAL but that doesn't mean that you can't PK if you're not a CKI-er! EVERYONE can do the PK.

Just throw up a peace sign whenever you say "PK!"
If you a troublemaker, you can opt to throw up the PK whenever you are caught for getting into trouble. PK! (^^)-v

by Stephanie Chen January 09, 2007
In Cantonese swearing, means "pouk gai", which is tripping on a street, falling because of tripping, or saying that someone's condition or personality is like one who "pouk gai".
What a pk dude, he wanted to smash my head with a beer bottle but I kicked him in the stomach first.
by CBNSK May 03, 2007
Plane killer
Gene is such a PK!
by baditude December 14, 2008
The word PK is an abbrieviated word which stands for PRETTY KENTS - this word which originally derrived from hardcore girls in Melbourne and started off as a crew and now is used world wide.
oh shit son, its namcy, anjoolah, lisa, leenah & annete they're such pk's i envy :(
by FULLEHSICKULEH November 28, 2007
To player kill;
usually used in the game called Runescape.
Dude, let's go pk some n00bs!!!
by afda May 20, 2007
pk abbreviation for the words "pussy killas".
It is also a STUPID crew in which 2 guys (or 3 depending on noah)think they can get any girl they want, when in fact they might get girls-but the sick, gross, UGLY ones.
This Friday, Dylan and Ty picked up a couple of ugly,fat Paly hoes and put them in the back of his red Ford Escape to begin their "Pk Weekend".
by AnonymousWriterPK January 02, 2009
Popular kid. Some people like them, some people hate them, and everyone lurks their pictures.
kid #1: OMG were you at that PK party on friday night?
kid #2: Um no, were you?
kid #1: No, but I totally saw the pics.
by Mrs. Gill December 18, 2006
Short for "party kid". Someone who quite simply, loves parties, and gets down with the get down, with a kid sense of fun.
"Hey dude! You wanna go to Ashley's later on? Her parents are outta town!"

"Hell yeah man, you know I'm a true PK!"

by Coolstina December 29, 2009

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