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(n) Short for painkillers, opiate prescription drugs containing one of the following: oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine, and others.
John: "Hey man any PKs around?"
Joe: "Yeah there's some d double dabbers"
John: "Nice I'll take two"
Joe: "Twenty bucks, 15 minutes"
by Filthy Sally September 06, 2006
Short hand internet slang: Meaning; "Pretty Kitty Syndrome." Best known as that feeling guys get when they they look at a woman they consider FAR above their league.
"Seriously, man. I spent the whole night at the bar suffering from one round of PKS after another. Just one more, and I think I might have jumped off the bridge on the way home. What a downer."

"Ugh.... PKS is miserable to live with... I'm staying inside and hiding... forever."
by CoryArtisan January 09, 2016
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