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that which Allah and the Prophet have completely and specifically forbidden. Engaging in an act that is Haram (i.e. eating food like pork, drinking alcohol, having sex outside of marriage)
Inviting Calvin to Black Angus is haram.
by archkk August 28, 2008
doing haram things, on the weekends... o so ya haram???
so ya haram... so ya haram... mina is haraminator.. and your haram so iam not haram so ya haram and iam not not not haram so your not not haram so ya haram so ya haram and im not minus not plus not haram.. so essentially ya haram
by egjug March 03, 2005
Haram is when you do something that is too much muslimish. It's also an swear-word.
Haram brur wallah! No brur haram walllaaahh!
by VincentTheKing May 27, 2016
When a honey comes up and you can see her forehead or eyes and you know you be think all kinds a dirty thoughts.

When you be partyin' and someone offers you anything to drink other than water.

When you be all 'umcha umcha' and listenin' to yo beats.

Anything that is fun/something you get joy out of.
Man1:"Yo did you see that chicks eyes yesterday"
Man2: "Yea man why didn't you look away that chick haram as hell, why you think they call her a hoejabi Haabeel"

Valley girl muslim wearing designer hijab:1:"So like I totally love this new electro-house band, they're really awesome"
Valley girl muslim wearing designer hijab2:"Wow you know that music is forbidden right, we totally shouldn't be listening to that"
by Le Taqwa August 07, 2011
discription of anyone or anything das forbidden dirty, unclean and indescent.
man das haram the way they did that man, holdin him on secret evidence they aint got shit on em'
by SAND_MC July 09, 2003
1) In Islam, a forbidden activity, food, drink, or thought. Examples of haram things are: eating pork, drinking alcohol, having sex at daytime during Ramadan, extramarital sex, neglect of prayer and fasting, and blasphemy.

2) In the slang of Arabic and languages influenced by Arabic, anything evil or sinful. Forms compounds like Arabic ibn haram 'bastard' (lit. 'son of sin'), and Malay anak haram (also meaning 'bastard').
Uh, isn't making out in a mosque kind of a haram activity? I don't think it matters if you're married.
by LudwigVan August 23, 2004
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