Piss Kop, A cup which is used to piss in. pk is also a guy that you can piss on.
DUDE! look over there its pk. Lets go piss on him
by theshedboys September 03, 2010
pussykiller- a man who eats real good pussy
"i'm a pussykiller pk gurl i murder that shit"- YG Pushaz
by NENE1 July 16, 2009
Stands for purple kush, a potent strain of marijuana which can be purple coloured.
Yo nigga i got a dank pickup of some PK lets go hit dat bong
by nicsye February 03, 2008
commonly used in MMORPG,
meaning to kill another player, PK is abreviation for Player Kill.
whiner - OMG U WHY U PK ME?
pker - cuz i wanted ur items
by Issmael June 23, 2005
online game term
concerns the killing of a players avatar
in game
used in most modern mmorpgs
i went to pk some new players
i was pk by lord british
by eric a johnson May 24, 2005
An abbrevation for, among other things:
1. In American football, a placekicker.
2. In ice hockey, penalty killing, i.e. playing short-handed.
3. In association football (soccer), a penalty kick.
1. The team's PK never misses.
2. We scored a surprising number of PK goals.
3. The match had to go to PK's.
by Steven M. August 08, 2007
In Cantonese swearing, means "pouk gai", which is tripping on a street, falling because of tripping, or saying that someone's condition or personality is like one who "pouk gai".
What a pk dude, he wanted to smash my head with a beer bottle but I kicked him in the stomach first.
by CBNSK May 03, 2007
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