"Preachers Kid" Usually the dirtiest most grimiest mother fuckers on the face of the earth.
Chalie Manson is a P.K.
by Jimmi December 07, 2002
Jaz, you're a stinking p.k.
by abingdon posse May 25, 2003
Acronym for "popular kid" that originates in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania.
She won't hang out with us anymore...she's a PK now.
by dictiondoll October 20, 2010
Short for "painkiller". (Oxycontin, Vicodin, Percocet, etc).
-"Yo you got any pk's?"

-"I heard your brother sells pk's."
by TheChronicKingWes115 November 28, 2009
Someone who is very NUFF, who likes to be in everything and who wants people to just notice her. Someone who will just put herself out there. Also someone who will share additional information just so people will know what she is doing.
1. - I just went Skiing!
- No one asked though.
- So what? I'm just telling you.
- You're such a Pk.

2. - I'm going to fly to Europe this summer.
- Well I'm going to fly to Europe, and China and Australia.
- Wow, OD master. You're def a Pk.
by rochalex October 03, 2010
Purple Kush
I got some pk come over and smoke a bowl
by M&K09 November 30, 2009
An acronym in South Africa for an Afrikaans saying - Poes Klap. It means an extremely hard slap in the face.
Direct translation would be "cunt slap"
Ek sal 'n PK gee - I am going to slap you in the face
by nlg July 25, 2009

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