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Popular kid. Some people like them, some people hate them, and everyone lurks their pictures.
kid #1: OMG were you at that PK party on friday night?
kid #2: Um no, were you?
kid #1: No, but I totally saw the pics.
by Mrs. Gill December 18, 2006
An abbreviation for psychokinesis.
i just moved that psiwheel with pk
by burnedemon August 18, 2007
pk stands for 'player killer' the term is found in MMORPG's such as tibia and runescape. A PK is somebody who plays MMORPG's and kills many other characters that are playing online
"Don't trust him he's a PK!!!"
by Pekay September 06, 2006
to duel; usually used in the game Diablo; Player killing
Pk me you fucking whore!
by outkast December 27, 2003
PK is an abbreviation for "peacekeepers."

I'm a peacekeeper and YOU can be a peacekeeper too. <33

PKs are known for spreading the peace. Most of us PKers are also part of a widely known club called CIRCLE K INTERNATIONAL but that doesn't mean that you can't PK if you're not a CKI-er! EVERYONE can do the PK.

Just throw up a peace sign whenever you say "PK!"
If you a troublemaker, you can opt to throw up the PK whenever you are caught for getting into trouble. PK! (^^)-v

by Stephanie Chen January 09, 2007
PK is an abbreviation for Parkour.

Parkour is a relatively new sport growing up in urban areas. It is the art of traversing urban areas with fluidity and grace.

See Parkour, free running, freerunning
Billy: "Hi friend, would you do some PK today?"
Ted: "Yes, it is a fulfilling activity."
by AndyC April 09, 2006
to be grossly over weight (plump) (kid)
wow that guy is pk.
getting pk.
wow could that guy be anymore pk.
by andrew ttooulias May 08, 2007