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South African synonym for 'person', usualy male.
"Come on oke, you're standing in the way!"
by Steven Kremers December 05, 2004
South African slang for a person or a man. Normally associated with somebody that you do not know. Pronouned oak
What does that oke think he is doing? Meaning: What does that person (or man) think he is doing?
by Marc Gordon September 04, 2006
Okes (pronounced as one syllable with a long 'o') is a slang term for ok/okay, originating in the northern suburbs of Chicago. It is used when something is satisfactory or acceptable. See link below for full definition:
"Is that okes with you?"

–"Hey, get me a root beer"

"The Shawshank Redemption was better than okes."

"You may have taken my rook but that's okes because now i can take your pawn with my knight and put your queen and bishop into a fork."
by Dr. Roflcop June 17, 2012
its just ok pronounced like its got 2 e's at the end, get over it.
oke <--- doesn't make sence
i write it like that cause thats how i say it. makes SENSE
o-kay, not O K E, okay
i don't say "kay" what i say sounds like "kee" but the 2 e's looks ugly, so i say oke
by Miss B March 21, 2004
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