The best state of all fifty states, or territories. More tree's in eye sight then there is buildings, where you can swim in the ocean without a plastic bag washing on shore next to you. Where you can go from rain forest, to desert in a few hours drive.

I know we seem mean on here, but that is because we dont want anymore people moving here, making more buildings and houses which means destroying more forests. We love our coast, and we LOVE our tree's and come hell or high water were keeping it the way it is.

Come and spend your money, then GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR STATE!

I mean it, we like your tourist dollars, but we dont want you, most of our families came across the Oregon trail, we earned our place here, you didnt, so leave.

Yes were selfish, but we like our state the way it, we dont want you fucking it up, thank you. :)
by UncleJohn August 26, 2008
AKA, America's Best-Kept Secret. Stunning scenery The surfing is always a blast, the skiing rivals (if not beats) Colorado's, and outside of the Portland area, it's a very secluded and untouched (but not isolated) state.
Oregonians are very proud of their pristine home and want to keep it that way.
by BVRGRD June 05, 2010
One of the most badass states in the USA. It's green, people are friendly, there's no sales tax, and people pump your gas for you. From the beautiful mountains to the lush forests to the diverse culture, Oregon is a great place to live.
Some cool things about Oregon:

Voodoo Doughnuts
No sales tax
Voodoo Doughnuts
A lot of TV shows are shot in Oregon
People pump gas for you
Voodoo Doughnuts
A lot of local businesses
The Ducks went to the BCS game
Voodoo Doughnuts
Voodoo Doughnuts
Voodoo Doughnuts

Did I mention Voodoo Doughnuts?
by LilJ1996 March 25, 2011
The best state ever, it is very "old school".
We have mountains, oceans, deserts, FIR TREES!!!!!!!!
Beaches, famous people, artists, Modest Mouse!!!!!
People pump gas for us, no sales tax, and part of twilight was filmed here!!! YAAAAAH!!!!!
Dude! We don't have sales tax and people pump gas for us!!

by Scarlette Tuesday July 20, 2009
The center of the pacific northwest where were really dust dont give a damn about the rest of the country. We're not hippies we just hate bullshit. Yes, we have a drug problem, who doesnt, yes one of our govorners was in the KKK... get over it. Our speed limits are lower but we drive faster anyway. We dont care, leave us alone, you really arent welcome here.... by the way its pronounced ory-gun
I'm an Oregonian... Fuck California
by Stan Cates March 30, 2008
to me beauty of nature shouldnt be defined as sun all the time or what beauty in a polaroid picture would look like, and oregon isnt. yes it happens to rain a lot in Oregon, which causes mud. but its the rain, the mud, the trees, the grass, the animals, etc. that make Oregon full of nature.
which is true beauty. Some people on here said oregon only has two places you can visit and then whoo hoo your done, UMM FALSE only a not true oregonian could say that. Oregon has so many cool places to go to that arent always listed on maps or computers, but thats what the cool thing is, take one day to just go around and expore oregon and you'll be interested. Theres more places than moultnomah falls and the columbia river gourge. While many states have their skyscrapers and city lights, Oregon has its mountains and trees and can actually see stars at nighttime because theres no bad polution. You'll also find a wide variety of people in oregon, and you'll meet some of the most awesomest too. You cant judge oregon and say that its ugly and that it has no things to see when you you mayb eglanced out the window and saw trees or the columbia river, tke the time to exlpore before you judge. its one thing to look at a hill covered in trees than to actually climb the hill. And what i mean is in oregon you'll see the columbia gourge maybe but once you go on the hikes there and see all the animals and the beauty of the place you'll get a whole new perspective. Trust me.
theres that beautiful state full of nature with stars that fill the night sky durring the night and the clouds that surround the mountains high on the horizon durring the day.
animals all around.
oregon is where some of the TRUE nature is at.
by your oregon girl July 21, 2010
an on the fence state. it is not as homosexual as california and not as drug addicted as washington.
oregon is right in between
by fearthemoo January 04, 2011

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