an on the fence state. it is not as homosexual as california and not as drug addicted as washington.
oregon is right in between
by fearthemoo January 04, 2011
Fuck you if you think we're all pale. Live in the Rogue Valley during the summer and tell us we don't get any sun. Most days are 100-110. Pale, my ass. But, uh, the hippie thing is true. In Ashland, anyway.

Don't go outside today, you'll get burned as soon as you step out. Turn up the A/C! We're in freakin' Oregon!
by Pancakes. November 25, 2008
The Maine of the west. Both state's biggest city is Portland, both are known for their wood, both are populated by nobody outside of the cities, in both states it rains all the time, and both are filled with white people.
Girl in couple: Do you want to go to Maine or Oregon for vacation this year?
Guy: What's the difference?
by BayardMiller January 09, 2010
Okay, I just have to clarify something. Oregon is beautiful and lush, but the summers are NIGHTMARES. Hot and humid and gross. You're either a hipster, poor, or filthy rich. And Portland is really gross and filled with homeless drug addicts and more hipsters. Barely any TV shows and/or movies take place here, and we have been called by Stephen Colbert "California's Canada". AKA, no one cares. Well, we do have Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, to be proud of.

Remember, this is all coming from a person who lives in West Linn, Oregon. I know.
Guy 1: Let's go to Oregon! It's nice and cold there!
Guy 2: Let's not and say we did.
by ManxShearwater July 29, 2011
Either the greatest or worst state in the US, depending on your point of view. On one hand it's full of liberals and hippies and youth, dominating cities like Portland, Eugene, and Ashland. All the other cities are generally conservative (ie shit hole Salem)

I can only speak for the liberal part of Oregon (which is a bit of a bubble), which I have a love hate relationship with. Love because there's definitely a very special sort of Oreogn person (laid-back, adventurous, outdoorsy, artistic) that you can't find anywhere else. Hate because the racial hypocricracy. These people preach diversity and tolerance but then ignore all of the racial problems in Oregon and instead focus on the enviornment.

I think everyone who classifies themselves as the 'Oregon Liberal' should really take a hard look around them (the lack of diversity, ignorant racial comments) and focus some of their time and energy on racial problems that are rampid in Oregon!
What? why would you cross burnside bridge in portland, Oregon? its just gangsters over there...
by Racial problems January 11, 2010
The place full of little college towns that wake up the whole city when they score a touchdown.

The closest mall is always at least an hour away.

No black people, just asians and mexicans.

Everyone talks to you, whether you want them to or not.

You'll always see someone biking, even if its raining outside which it probably is.

There's tons of local co-ops full of tofu brownies and old stoners with huge beards.

Schools that aren't funded, trees, and hippies. That's a normal city.
Oregonian: What exit are you from?

New Jersey Resident: You're a hippie. Go hug a tree.

Oregonian: Of course, thank you for your time.
by TheMountainousPioneer September 05, 2009
(adj): a derogatory, or depending on context, superlative remark, typically directed towards a person.

(v): to Oregon, the action of Oregoning. Doing any action while satisfying the adjective of being Oregon.
Sarah: Did you hear what Jill did last night? She is SOO Oregon.
Joe: oh my god, so fucking Oregon, I feel sick to my stomach.
by auttaceautloqueremeliorasilenc January 18, 2010

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