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Ahhhh. Ashland. Whats there to say... We've got a few Dunkin Donuts, a CVS or two, the illest mascot around, and Mr Cummings.
where do you live?
Ashland !
Oh.. let me guess... clocker?
Hell yes ! Suck my clock!
by hoooty hoo December 23, 2007
A bitch.
Stop being such an Ashland.
by irc user nukem January 21, 2011
Aka A-Town.The ghetto of the plymouth area.
Where drug dealin' goes on day and night.Home to the orginal street gang Glove Street Families, and the OGs.
"Hate it or Love it."
Q:Why you goin' to Ashland.
A:I need to get some crack bitch.
by Jon Linden June 21, 2005