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Ahhhh. Ashland. Whats there to say... We've got a few Dunkin Donuts, a CVS or two, the illest mascot around, and Mr Cummings.
where do you live?
Ashland !
Oh.. let me guess... clocker?
Hell yes ! Suck my clock!
by hoooty hoo December 23, 2007
An Ashland is very pretty and typically gets all the guys she is very athletic,nice and has many friends.
Oh my gosh it's Ashland what should I say?
by WardtheBeast June 24, 2016
Aka A-Town.The ghetto of the plymouth area.
Where drug dealin' goes on day and night.Home to the orginal street gang Glove Street Families, and the OGs.
"Hate it or Love it."
Q:Why you goin' to Ashland.
A:I need to get some crack bitch.
by Jon Linden June 21, 2005
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