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The state between Washington and California. That is all.
Dude #1: Whats that large gay landmass between washington and California that smells like dogshit hippies?
Dude #2: I heard its called Oregon
by ackleyp November 07, 2010
The best state in the U.S. Californians hates us but that just because their state is full of fags and it’s is governed by a fucking movie actor. We have amazingly hot women and the best scenic views you could ever see. The only reason we are racist is because Mexicans realize that Oregon has allot of jobs. We have the best skiing and snowboarding in America. People from all over America come to the Columbia George to wind surf. You can come to visit but don’t move it. o, and we pronounce it ORY-GUN not ORY-gone you dumbasses.
I never want to leave Oregon. California sucks dick and who the fuck would ever want a movie actor to run a state. he might be able to kill robots in a movie but that doesnt make him able to run a state fuck-tards

you can talk all the shit you want about oregon, I will be at Mt. Hood hitting the slopes all year round bithes.
by Randy Brian M. May 16, 2008
Shitting hole of the USA
Uncle Sam had to drop the kids off at the pool so he went to the oregon.
by CA for life May 11, 2010
Alright, we may be hippie-infested, dirty, fat, poor, pathetic shit pile in the united states (Not to mention racist and drug addicted.) And we do protest almost everything (especially the cult known as scientology.) But let me make this clear.... We DO NOT LIKE U2!
We are also way better drivers than Washintonians.
They just suck balls.

Seriously, like worse than asians or women.

Go oregon.
by Alex Mmmm. June 18, 2008
A place where Washingtonians and Californians go to listen to banjo music.
Hey, aren't you from Oregon?
Hell no. Do I look like I listen to banjo music?
by Pinchy Art July 17, 2008
Oregon is a waste of space, full of faux anarchists who vandalized Seattle during the WTO it also happens to be the easiest place to score crack cocaine, especially Portland, OR where you can get it as soon as leaving the train station
"Let's go to Oregon"
"Let's shit out glass instead, yeah?"
by InsertName23 October 18, 2009
Worst state ever, filled with evil and hidden bear traps, don't move there. Move to California or Washington even, just stay far away from that hell-hole called Oregon. Please. For your own sake.
"I think I'm gonna move to Oregon"

"No bitch, don't do that!"
by JeffreyWayne February 25, 2009