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Someone who was born and raised in Oregon.
Not afraid to go out in the rain without a jacket. Usualy a liberal.
I love the rain and was born in oregon so Im an oregonian.
by Nava Aki June 16, 2005
Some one who was born and lives in oregon, You could also Be born in oregon, move to california for example, then move back to oregon, You would still be considered a Oregonian.
Born In Portland..
by Neon Burn December 29, 2003
Based on full service refueling at gas stations in oregon, where the driver is not allowed to pump his or her own gas.

In this context here the Oregonian is a full service Blow Job, where the woman does all the work from start to finish, from unzipping and de-belting, to cleaning up and re-pantsing.

Can also be called an Oregon Blowjob
Me: Dude, I totally got An Oregonian right before I left for work this morning!!!

Dude: NO WAY!!!

Me: Yeah she kept it off my slacks too!

Dude: That's some quality service there!
by |=196u5h February 19, 2014
someone who doesnt know anything about politics
Leo is a typical oregonian
by Rickol December 23, 2006
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