state with really hot women and some good microbrew
Shit, the Westview Cheerleaders are lookin' DAMN good!
by Mongo September 06, 2003
A state where everyone moves to to get away from other states that they don't like. Oregon is very schizophrenic in that it has all those hippies but also some of the most conservative people anywhere. All Oregonians, though, seem to share at least some things in common. One is a love of the outdoors. The other is a generally non violent nature. A third is a a lack of fascination with getting rich. And they don't care if you don't like the weather or think they are boring, or think they are "wannabee Seattle". They're just happy they moved here because things sucked where they were.

Oregon is still mostly unspoiled and beautiful, but it lacks any "old world" charm if you like that. Its not so different from California or Washington anymore, although the older natives still prefer to think of it as "special". Its greatest charm lies in the Willamette Valley, the coast, and the Columbia River Gorge. Its greatest disappointment lies in the over logged mountains that seldom get very tall or seem grand like real mountains should. Another disappoinment is the encroaching strip malls and developments that ring the Portand area and larger towns.

Oregon's weather can be divided into two "seasons" - warm and sunny, or cool and cloudy. From July to December, it progresses in an orderly fashion from the first to the second. From January to June, it doesn't. Although the November rains bother some, they are at least relatively warm and predicable.
The April-June rains on the other hand, are cold and unpredicable. By June, you are often living under conditions that are colder than almost anywhere else in the country, then suddenly it is 100 degrees almost overnight. And after hot July and August, beautiful and almost perfect September, the October rains are not as unwelcome as you might think.

Oregon is a state of intense contrast like the spring weather. Hot and cool. Liberal and conservative. Just don't move here if you a) don't like the outdoors, b) want to get rich or c) think that the state is filled with nothing but hicks and dirty hippies.
"..while up here in Oregon, they're going to have a lot of very tall trees" Bill Murrey's weather report in "Groundhog Day."
by aldri7 July 11, 2006
Oregon is the home of the Beavers(Oregon State) and the Ducks (University of Oregon). We have huge amounts of microbreweries, friendly people, a lack of a sales tax, death with dignity act(assisted suicide), a law against pumping one's own gas, Yippies, Conservatives, Hippies, and copious amounts of meth addicts and pot lovers. We dislike Californians, especially those from the Bay Area,or..Ashland.. they raise property rates and pretend they know nothing about the state they are truly from because they know they'd get shunned if people really knew they were Californian, but true Oregonians can tell. Most people are fairly friendly though. We like our rain, trees, and decent driving skills. We are mostly pale, but what do you expect?
We are freethinkers, peace lovers, innovative, caring, never sways much of one way or the other kinds of people...and we like it that way.
Oregon is the shiz and everyone should know it.

Sue: "Damn. I wish my state was as cool as Oregon, I hate this overpopulated junk town I live in"

Joe: "I thought the only thing in Oregon was the Britt festival, Shakespeare festival, and washed up loggers?!"

Sue: "Pff. No."
by GranolaMuncher February 23, 2009
The best state in the whole nation.
People are nice, pump your gas for you, and don't make you pay a sales tax.
People complain because our speed limits are lower here. If they could actually drive (i.e., if they weren't from California), they wouldn't care.
California: crappy drivers, bad attitudes, and insane price of living.
Oregon: none of the above.
by Oregon is freaking awesome October 22, 2008
Best place ever. Every other state sucks. Its not raciest and not boring. Its fun. Its hot for 3 months of the year. Great things to do. The only place with year round snowbording in the united states. Great places to go swimming at, snowbording, skining, skating. Has the only underage gay night club on the west cost. Has 2 stupid football teams.
Tom: is that a black person?
Tim: Yes, but this is oregon we are not going to be raceist.
Tom: Okay i love black people.
by Tim106520 July 22, 2006
The best freaking state in the whole United States.

There's no sales tax, no pumping your own gas, amazing beaches, beautiful forests, reasonable driving skills, and friendly people.

Dear Californians,

Spend your money and get out. Yes, we sound selfish, but most of you have no driving skills and are disgusting, littering pigs, especially when it comes to you visiting our beaches.

We like our state just the way it is, so please stop trying to screw it up.

Oh, and it Or- eh- gun, not Or- ee- gauhn, you irritating east- coasters.

(Note: written by a native, lived- in- Salem- her- whole- life- Oregonian.)
Me: "God, Oregon is just the best!"

Idiot: "Well, it's okay."

Me: :You better take that back, or I swear to God, I wil set you on fire."

Idiot: "I just expressed my opinion."

Me: "That tears it."

Idiot: *screams while being engulfed in flame*
by proudoregonchick January 04, 2011
oregon is the best place in the world it is lush and green and unforgettable. first i have to say go beavers!(orange and black)
and i was born in oregon and grew up a little there and as soon as i turn 18 its out of the house and back to oregon for me!
As soon as you cross to oregon buy a tub of tilamok ice cream its the best ever! and oregon has the hugest trees so for all you tree hugers good luck but you will never be able to fit your arms around those trees! please reserve oregon and keep it green!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oregon is always rainy and that means its time to sing because singing in the rain is the best! there is also lots of slugs!
lets go oregon bevers!
by kikikiwiki March 11, 2009

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