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The best state of all fifty states, or territories. More tree's in eye sight then there is buildings, where you can swim in the ocean without a plastic bag washing on shore next to you. Where you can go from rain forest, to desert in a few hours drive.

I know we seem mean on here, but that is because we dont want anymore people moving here, making more buildings and houses which means destroying more forests. We love our coast, and we LOVE our tree's and come hell or high water were keeping it the way it is.

Come and spend your money, then GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR STATE!

I mean it, we like your tourist dollars, but we dont want you, most of our families came across the Oregon trail, we earned our place here, you didnt, so leave.

Yes were selfish, but we like our state the way it, we dont want you fucking it up, thank you. :)
by UncleJohn August 26, 2008
The nickname for Coos Bay, which believe it or not during prohibition was the main exporter of booze for california, Oregon(Yes I didnt cap the other states on purpose theres a hint), idaho, and washington.

It is also called this because of the fact that there are more bars here within a square mile then almost any other city in Oregon. I have four bars within walking distance of me right now.

Back in the day during the boom we were a main exporter of lumber, a lot of the time the logs would be hallowed out to create a channel inside them for bottles of booze to be stuffed.
Booze Bay, the only city where you can bar hop to six bars on foot, and not break a sweat. Where if your friend is at one bar, you can talk to him across the street from another bar without a BLASTED cell phone.
by UncleJohn August 26, 2008

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