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state with really hot women and some good microbrew
Shit, the Westview Cheerleaders are lookin' DAMN good!
by Mongo September 06, 2003
THE BEST PAGE IN THE UNIVERSE. Maddox reigneth as king!
maddox.xmission.com is the best page in the universe.
by Mongo March 27, 2005
sucker, loser, or other derogatory term, etc...
"Shut yo mouth suckafish" -Gio
by mongo April 07, 2003
The sound a raver makes while raving, usually combined with rapid movements as well as glowsticks.

Origin: Sounds like a techno song.
"Untz untz untz untz untz. I'm raving. Untz untz untz untz."
by mongo April 07, 2003
a sudden urge to shit
After burrito-rama at the Mexican choke-and-puke, I felt the peasants storming the castle.
by mongo February 20, 2004
"Rammer, you Ace-Hole."
by Mongo February 21, 2005
To post random stuff on message boards, and part post whore
man you are such a mongorunner
by mongo October 01, 2004

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