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The best freaking state in the whole United States.

There's no sales tax, no pumping your own gas, amazing beaches, beautiful forests, reasonable driving skills, and friendly people.

Dear Californians,

Spend your money and get out. Yes, we sound selfish, but most of you have no driving skills and are disgusting, littering pigs, especially when it comes to you visiting our beaches.

We like our state just the way it is, so please stop trying to screw it up.

Oh, and it Or- eh- gun, not Or- ee- gauhn, you irritating east- coasters.

(Note: written by a native, lived- in- Salem- her- whole- life- Oregonian.)
Me: "God, Oregon is just the best!"

Idiot: "Well, it's okay."

Me: :You better take that back, or I swear to God, I wil set you on fire."

Idiot: "I just expressed my opinion."

Me: "That tears it."

Idiot: *screams while being engulfed in flame*
by proudoregonchick January 04, 2011
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