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1. n. Beer which is produced locally in small quantities or breweries and not nationally distributed. Oposite of Budweiser or Labatts. Served mostly in local bars, Brasseries, and at beer festivals. Can also be obtained through mail order clubs on the net.
Damn, that Saint-Ambroise is a good Microbrew.
by G.H. Hadden May 04, 2005
A microbrew loses its exclusive status when bought out by large corporately funded breweries or it is distributed nationally.
New Belgium Brewing Company used to make microbrews but since becoming a widely popular beer company its brews have changed status and become premium (American) domestic beers.
by Molly C October 19, 2007
Generally repulsive, always over-priced skull-splitting hangover inducing sewer water consumed by trendy college metro-homos who think it's production is superior to mainstream beer. Because some dude's garage brewery definitely adheres to a higher quality standard than any publicly traded, legitimate beer company.
Hey, this i a great micro brew! I wonder what'll hurt worse tomorrow- the hangover or my raped asshole?
by John Finkelstein August 06, 2010
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