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Coolest of the cool, cooler than the North Pole.
Yer man Odhran, truly cooly
by schwibbler October 06, 2011
An Odhran is a man above all men. He is highly skilled in his drinking abilities and his ability to procure high alcohol content beverages for cheap prices. He is a dashingly handsome man with a quick wit. He is capable of clever comebacks off the cuff, but also very sweet and charming.
What? Can't down that car bomb like an Odhran?
by citizenK November 04, 2013
Odhran is the most obnoxious person you well meet.
he will occasionally lie to things will turn his way, and because of his charm, unless you know him well, you can't see through his lies.
If you fall out with Odhran, he makes everyone hate you with his lies and charm.
by alongcamesomethingaboutpolly August 04, 2011