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Bigger than huge and emormous together!
Look at her ass, it is gargantuan!!
by Beth Robertson November 07, 2003
Basically, quite a lot.
The amount of hatred I have towards you, in micro millilitres, is gargantuan.
by Ame December 08, 2005
A sophisticated word Daryl Hannah, as Elle in "Kill Bill 2", used to describe the Black Mamba deathly strike, while Michael Madsen (Budd) was dying from the Black Mamba bite.
Elle: The amounts can be gargantuan. Ahh... "Gargantuan", such a great word, I hardly could use it anywhere in a sentence.
by you wouldn't care September 06, 2005
One who is larger than they should be.
Having exessive body mass.
OMG look at that gargantuan over there, she could eat you in one bite.
by Rick Swank August 12, 2005
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