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Cheap, extremely intoxicating (thus fun inducing) alcoholic beverage. 1 pint guinness, half a shot of jameson and the other half of irish cream. You drink it by dropping the shot glass inside the pint, and IMMEDIATLY chugging the contents at once, if not the guinness will foam up and curdle, and you'll look like a fool. its also very cheap. too cheap. 3 will have you good. good for groups, get 3 of your boys together and at the count of 3 drop the shot glass in and drink, whoever is last to slam the empty glass, gets to buy the next round, or do something stupid.
hey keep, give us a car bomb....1, 2, 3.....AHHH!!!
by cuervoman914 August 31, 2005
A shot of irish whiskey is poured into a glass of Guinness and and the drink is slammed quickly. Most people think it tastes like chocolate milk and goes down really fast.
After two dozen shots of jager, a pint of The Captain and a shot of Grey Goose, all I needed was a carbomb to set me straight.
by Denis Baldwin February 03, 2004
a shot consisting of 50/50 Jamison and Bailey's which is dropped into half a pint of Guinness and tanked immediately, lest it curdle... finishes like chocolate milk!
round of carbombs please!
by tinafey December 13, 2007
A petname for the hockey player Daniel Carcillo affectionately given to him by the Flyer's fans.

The nickname represents his style of play, which is very chippy and physical.
Oh, shit! Carbomb just drilled him into the boards! Oh, look they're fighting! *One hit knockout* Oh Carbomb, that's why we love you!
by FlyersFan33 April 17, 2011
Having sex while driving. Usually involving the man driving and the woman riding him.
dude i was car bombing last night
really? awesomeee
yeah man. almost hit a tree. i couldnt see shit
by A Car Bomb Veteran ;) August 15, 2011
while a girl(preferably one you dont know all that well) is going down on your cock meat sandwish, you release a horrendous fart, the kind that make your eyes water, and when she pulls off your pipe in disgust, you blow your load all over her face. if executed correctly she will cry, and for the rest of her life she will know that she is just a dumb whore who blew a stranger at party and got farted and jizzed on.
"dude at this party last friday, some dumb slut was blowing me and i had beer farts and i couldnt hold my nut and the fart so i just gave her a carbomb."
by the og carbomb September 18, 2008
A fart in a car with closed windows. Especially deadly in the winter with the heat on.
Eric ripped a nasty car bomb on the way to the driving range last weekend. I was like, "Jesus! Did you just shit yourself?! Open the window, open the window!
by spaceboy761 March 24, 2004
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