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the most beautiful, charming, intelligent and amazing person in the universe.
Marc: - Do you know this breathtaking beautiful girl sitting there?
Tomas: - Yes, this is Oda, she is the most beautiful, charming, intelligent and amazing person in the universe. She is totally perfect, a godess, more than that...
by Coop migros August 31, 2010
is the greatest lover you will ever have. She will ruine all other women for. Be careful, cause when you have Oda you will never go back. But this will only happen with norwegians Oda´s. So if you want to take a leap of faith, go to Norway, find a Oda (they are easy to spot, since they are the most beautiful women alive), and that will be the end of life as you know it.
Person 1: "Where were you last night?
Person 2: "With Oda..."
Person 1: "Didn´t she travel back to Norway this morning?"
Person 2: "....."
Person 1: "Want to drink some booze?"
Person 2: "Leave me here to die."
by left_to_die December 18, 2011
Acronym for "Online Display of Affection." Similar to PDA ("Public Display of Affection"). An ODA is something done over the internet to show affection. It could be an acronym (such as LYL), a loving email, or even an emoticon.
Jack: g2g, ttyl
Jill: kk... lyl
Jack: ly2
Jill: Aw... I love ODAs
by dejavu3194 June 15, 2007
the best expression of greeting known to mankind
Oda, my love!
-how do you do?
im fine, tanks
-how nice okay, ado!
by hikwishsmish October 31, 2010
Pronounced (oh duh)

High quality marijuana, which normally possesses a strong odor.
"Holy fuck. I'm ripped."

"Yeah, this is some oda for sure."
by MISTER LISTER March 26, 2013
As the male definition of the name, it has a smiliar intention for the female version, mostly understood as a "very tight pussy"
"Man you should've seen my girl yesterday, she was so Oda"
by FastCar3000 March 24, 2010
Extremely long, thin, penis.
The man's Oda was like a garden hose.