Extremely long, thin, penis.
The man's Oda was like a garden hose.
A term used to describe a dumb or retarded event or person. Also can be used to describe something retarted done by another person. Can be used in replacement of "durr".
"Look at that stupid oda".

(Mike trips and falls)
John - "oda!! haha"

Bill- " I forgot my camera at home!"
George- "Oda oda!"

by mexico May 11, 2007
a pencil penis
damn i oda is fuckin long.
by supersuperdooperpooper October 07, 2003
the shitties most facist school on earth
I go to ODA and i fuckin hate it, my wish is to take a shit on the principlas face.
by nathan November 14, 2003

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